Creed Scaffolding, Wellingborough 
Our designers put careful thought and consideration into every scaffolding project. Ensuring the safety of everyone involved and around is the most important element when making the plans. 
For every single project, our scaffolding is custom designed and built so that it meets your needs. We are committed to delivering the best quality scaffolding at an affordable price. Providing the best customer service is one of our main goals, so we will ensure that your requirements are met above and beyond. 
We offer scaffolding for a range of different projects such as 
Maintenance work 
Construction Work 
Commercial Projects 
Residential Projects 
Improvement work 

Scaffolding Designed for the Environment 

Scaffolding needs to be designed around its environment to take into consideration many different factors. Before starting the design process, important information we require includes: 
The required maximum loads and number of individuals operating it 
Information about the structure and ground conditions 
The location of the site 
Any possible restrictions which affect erecting the scaffolding and dismantling it. 
How long the scaffolding will be required for 
The dimensions of the building including any drawings 
How the scaffolding will be used 
If there are any requirements for netting, sheeting or brick guard. 
Whether there are specifics to take into consideration such as pedestrian walkways 
How the scaffolding will be accessed, such as by using a ladder bay. 

Scaffolding Calculations 

The Work at Height Regulations (2005) state that scaffolding must be designed using bespoke calculations and that the work must be carefully planned, supervised and carried out thoroughly. It is our mission to adhere to these regulations as we aim to ensure that safety is a priority. 
We carry out all the necessary calculations well in advance so there are no issues on the day. All precautions are mapped out and the surrounding area is taken into account so we can be well prepared. Safe and secure access is what we do best. Our team of highly trained professionals will ensure you are in safe hands. 
Bespoke scaffolding tailored for your needs 

Scaffolding Inspections 

Inspections are required and should take place before use and just after the installation process to ensure that the scaffolding is safe to use. Additional checks may need to be carried out if high winds are present or serious weather conditions such as a storm or snow. A report will be made after any inspections that identifies any risks and included with this will be the corrective actions that have been put in place. 
If you require any advice on whether scaffolding is right for you or whether your building has unique dimensions you are concerned about, feel free to contact us so we can advise you based on your needs what will be best for you. 
Our scaffolding design services enable our clients to get on with the job, safe in the knowledge that everything will be fit for purpose with all calculations considered in advance. 

For more information simply call us on 0800 121 6570 or 07775 905514 

or email 

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